Viser arkivet for stikkord kristian, 2

Krigsminnesmerket ligger vakkert til i Gudbrandsdalen ved Nord-Sel kirke.

På Nord-Sel kirkegård ligger begravet britiske soldater fra 2.verdenskrig som ble drept i felttoget i Norge våren 1940.
Soldatene tjenestegjorde i Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment) og York and Lancaster Regiment.
In 1940, as part of 15 Brigade, the 1st Battalion, The Green Howards were sent to Norway to help stem the German advance. It was too little, too late but 15 Brigade distinguished themselves by delaying the German advance along the Gudbrandsdalen2. At the Battle of Otta on 28 April, they were attacked from the air, then by tanks and then infantry in typical Blitzkrieg fashion. Lacking effective heavy support, they waited until the enemy came within 400 metres then opened fire with controlled and accurate rifle fire. Despite greater numbers and equipment, the Green Howards held their position until nightfall when they retired. The Germans were unable to press an attack due to casualties and poor morale, which was acknowledged in their dispatches. They acted as rearguard until they were evacuated from Åndalsnes